How many Biotin pills should I take daily? 10POINTS!?

Nataly Asked: How many Biotin pills should I take daily? 10POINTS!?

So I just bought Natrol Biotin 1000 mcg
I bought them cause I want my hair to grow longer and to prevent mild hair loss.

I heard that you should buy the Biotin 5000 mcg if you want your hair to grow but they didnt have that, so i'm stuck with the 1000 mcg, But now Im asking how many pills should I take with the 1000 mcg???
Like whats the max dosage daily? and should I take them all at once?


Lawlz Answered:
Honestly, I wouldn't take pills to help hair growth… have you heard of that injection which was supposed to get you all tanned, but it ended up giving you cancer? True story.
I would stick to, like, hair moisturizers and leave-in conditioners :) .

chaneladdict Answered:
The recommended dose is about 5000mcg to 7500mcg per day.

It doesn't make your hair grow faster, nothing does. It has been said to strengthen hair DEPENDING on the rate of growth.

Good luck to you !

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